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Fundraising parties that are a blast to attend while helping startups move forward

Putting the fun back in fundraising

An endless lineup of good-times while fundraising for your cause or venture. 420 Shindig is a sure fire way to raise funds necessary to move ideas forward. From open dab bars, cannabis tastings to award-winning dinner gatherings, 420/710 events, and music festivals, 420 Shindig is a force.

Dab Bar & Tasting Parties

With a wide array of party possibilities, our highly professional catered parties are not only a blast to attend, but provide that method to move ideas forward.

Dinner Gatherings

From private gathers to public events to fund raising dinner parties, our award-winning chef's create amazing cannabis infused dinners that will blow your mind.

420 Festivals

While we are just getting started within the festival arena, our up and coming lineup of music events, 420 festivals, and more are sure to delight everyone. Stay tuned...

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Let's party! 420 Shindig fundraising events can be used for nearly any reason, fundraising or not. From a venture startup needing startup cash to a dinner gathering looking to connect to a medical emergency fundraising event, from private to public, we can cater to your specific needs.
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Public parties are available to anyone, provided tickets are still available. A link to tickets will only be available when and if tickets are available.

April 20, 2017: 420 House Party - San Francisco
May 27, 2017: Dabadoo Fundraiser - San Francisco
June 17, 2017: The Taste - Seattle

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