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Everything Needed to Start a Legal Cannabis Business

Do you have an idea for a new marijuana business or cannabis product? 420fundme is the source to get it funded!
We are a cannabis startup community helping fund, launch, develop, and release new cannabis products and marijuana based businesses worldwide. Depending on your need, we offer three simple options to get your idea off the ground. From crowdfunding to venture capital connections to fundraising parties, as well as marketing and publicity, we are the one stop solution to make ideas happen!


The New 420fundme crowdfunder platform allows any cannabis based business to raise monetary contributions from individuals online through crowdfunding. Owner retaining full ownership of their venture, as thanks you provide contributors first release of your product or provide unique gifts instead of equity.

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Connect to Investors

The Cannavstr Investors Club connects startups with venture capital and private investors with the next big thing. Simply put, we create a direct connection with investors looking to invest in businesses like yours. From pitch help to face to face meetings, we provide a simple process to get your business funded.

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Fundraising Parties

The 420shindig fundraising parties is a unique force that works for nearly fundraising need. From our dab parties to the dinner gatherings to worldwide events, our parties are a sure fire way to raise the money necessary to move ideas forward or help solve medical, legal, or family issues.

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Easy to follow 5 step process to success

Investing in the Cannabis Industry

With the legalization movement accelerating worldwide, companies developing new products, growers working hard to find their place in this emerging market, and other facilitators needed within this emerging market; cannabis is no doubt the next big growth industry. Our network provides both a platform for small donations through our crowdfunding platform, as well as provide a direct link between investors and emerging companies with connections, data, and details.


Our crowdfunder allows individuals to find exciting new products while supporting their favorite startups. By way of small donations, starting from just $10, investors receive new products and gifts as thanks.

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From grows to dispensaries to products to labs, our Cannavstr investors group provides those unique connections, data, and details to make the correct decision to invest in rising companies and products.

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Our unique fundraising parties are not only a blast to attend, they develop a fundraising gateway that enables emerging startups to get the seed money they need to get to the next step.

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Additional Services

To take that extra step to make certain your ventures are successful we have introduced partnership services and solutions including Marketing and Advertising, Public Relations and Social Networking, and Packaging and Design.


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